With a strategy similar to HVP IV, Hatteras Venture Partners V (HVP V) was launched in August 2015 with a first close of more than $90 million. On January 5th, 2017, Hatteras announced a final closing exceeding its $150 million goal. The fund will build on the successful seed-stage initiative of HVP IV, Hatteras Discovery, an allocation of the fund focused on seed-stage companies and projects in the field of human medicine and life sciences.  HVP V will invest in a range of human medicine companies across the US, with an emphasis on leading company formations in the technology rich southeast region.

  • Trefoil Therapeudics

    Trefoil Therapeudics

    Trefoil was founded to bring forward novel engineered FGF-1 compounds to treat endothelial cell mediated diseases. The initial development program is focused on treating a serious ophthalmic disease, Fuchs’ Dystrophy which is a leading cause of corneal transplantations. This disease has limited treatment options other than surgery and there is a large unmet need for therapeutic agents that can offer patients other therapeutic options.

  • Bivarus


    Bivarus brings an entirely new science of measuring the patient experience with its patented cloud-based analytics platform. Measuring and improving the patient experience has become one of the top priorities of the healthcare system, and Bivarus is redefining how healthcare leaders capture and operationalize patient-generated insights to improve patient care and service operations. Organizations rely on Bivarus’ real-time analytics platform to gain meaningful insights into the unique drivers impacting the patient experience, buying behavior and provider performance.

  • Medfusion


    Medfusion delivers transformative technology and services that put patients in control of their healthcare and enable providers to thrive in a value-based healthcare delivery environment. Their patient portal, evolving platform and mobile capabilities connect more than 11 million patients to their healthcare providers—facilitating bi-directional communication, enhancing patient engagement and improving the practice’s financial operations.

  • Qvella


    Qvella is a molecular diagnostics company founded by a group of scientists and engineers with the simple goal of dramatically reducing time to results in bacteriology. Qvella’s Field Activated Sample Treatment (FAST)technology utilizes a novel electrical lysing and sample treatment technique enabling rapid detection of infectious agents in a direct blood sample. When implemented in concert with Antibiotic Stewardship programs, now being adopted by most major medical centers, timely clinical decisions can be made which lead to improved patient outcomes, reduced hospital stays, lower side effect profiles, and a significant reduction in treatment costs.