Hatteras Discovery

With HVP’s fourth fund, HVP IV, Hatteras has established a dedicated effort to foster seed-stage biopharmaceutical investments and drive innovation. Up to 20% of the committed capital in HVP IV is allocated to Hatteras Discovery investments in seed and early stage companies and projects.

Deal flow for Hatteras Discovery primarily comes from universities and existing companies that have innovative projects but are deficient of adequate funding and management. When successful projects in Hatteras Discovery reach critical inflection points, they can be funded by HVP IV as portfolio companies, be licensed to major pharmaceutical companies — some of which may be strategic limited partners in HVP IV — or be partnered with one or more project-based financing vehicles.

The growing Hatteras Discovery pipeline is reviewed twice a year by a world-class Portfolio Review Committee. Strategic planning for Hatteras Discovery portfolio companies efficiently advances the development of innovative products and proprietary deal flow for HVP IV.

The Managing Director of Hatteras Discovery is Christy Shaffer, PhD, a successful entrepreneur and pharmaceutical veteran who was, most recently, CEO of Inspire Pharmaceuticals. Under Dr. Shaffer’s direction, Hatteras Discovery has created a dedicated process to vet and nurture investment candidates.

Key Therapeutic Areas of Interest:

  • Opthalmology
  • Cardiovascular
  • Pulmonary
  • Anti-Infectives
  • Oncology
  • Immunology
  • Orphan Diseases


Description:  Awarded to exceptional individuals with a MBA and/or Ph.D. who have a proven track-record for innovative ‘thinking’ and a desire to make a difference in the lives of patients and the community at large.  Expertise in the life science area required.

Selection Committee:  Christy Shaffer and Clay Thorp

Length:  3 months; renewable for an additional 3 months on mutual agreement


Invitation to all Hatteras Deal Flow meetings

Provided opportunities to coordinate specific deal/due diligence processes and prepare presentations to the partners

Multiple networking opportunities with Hatteras team

Travel costs provided by Hatteras Discovery for at least one key scientific and/or business conference; travel costs to at least one Hatteras event (e.g.:  Annual Meeting, SAB Meeting, PRC Meeting, etc.).  Paid registrations for local conferences (e.g. NC Biotech Conference, Southeast Venture Philanthropy conference, CED events, etc.).

Office space provided; flexible work schedule

Letter(s) of recommendation by Hatteras upon completion of the fellowship; key connections to future job opportunities